Areas of law

Qualified legal advice requires specialization. My expertise lies in the following areas of law:

Commercial and corporate law

A major focus of my work is advising on commercial and corporate law. I advise companies, independent professionals and founders of new businesses in all questions relating to these legal fields, often involving tax consultants and auditors, in order to solve issues in an interdisciplinary manner.

Advice on the optimal company form and liability risks for shareholders are just as much part of my services as the drafting and review of articles of association. I draft company purchase agreements and review draft contracts of the other party for legal shortcomings and risks. I also advise on joint ventures.

The involvement of executives and employees is also part of my consulting services, whether through a participation under company law, a bonus scheme or similar.

A further focus of my work is the advice and representation in conflicts between shareholders, managing directors and other bodies. I also assert or defend you against claims arising from board liability (including the liability of managing directors) and/or shareholder liability.

In the field of commercial law, I offer support in the drafting, negotiation and execution of national and international contracts, projects and transactions. I draft and review commercial agency agreements and assist you in the execution of such agreements. In addition, I will accompany you and your company in all legal questions of your daily business and, if necessary, support you in enforcing your rights in court.

Contract law and contract drafting

I will advise you in all civil law matters affecting you personally or your company. I draft, review and negotiate all types of civil and commercial contracts. These may concern the provision of services, the production and trade of economic goods, such as supply and distribution agreements, the drafting of general terms and conditions of business. With contracts and general terms and conditions tailored to your company, you can significantly reduce your liability risks when dealing with your contractual partners.

I will draft the contracts and templates you require, review existing agreements and adapt them to your needs.

I will accompany or represent you in contract negotiations and, in case of conflict, will represent you in or out of court.

Data protection law

In the area of data protection, I offer you not only an initial check to see whether your company is operating in accordance with data protection regulations, but also support you in becoming compliant with data protection law.

I check your external appearance for compliance with basic data protection regulation and all relevant laws, check and draft data protection notices, declarations of consent, contract processing agreements, international data transfer agreements such as standard contract clauses and binding corporate rules. This also applies to German subsidiaries, as well as other contracts in which personal data is processed.

I will be glad to provide employee training in the area of data protection, tailored to your needs, and/or to be your contact person in the area of legal data protection.

I will arrange contacts regarding technical data protection and coordinate the adaptation of processes according to your specifications and legal requirements.

In addition, I supervise ongoing processes with the respective country’s data protection officer and coordinate procedures if necessary.

Labour law

I operate in the area of individual employment law, both in legal representation in court and in the area of advice and structuring, both on the employee and the employer side.

I draft or review employment contracts for employees as well as for board members and managing directors. This also includes regulations for the use of company vehicles, EDP and smartphones. I also check your templates for legal pitfalls and adapt them to the latest jurisdiction.

In addition, I advise you both as an employer and as an employee on the various remuneration regulations and participation models, non-competition clauses and on the provision of personnel (including the law on contracts for work and services).

I also advise you on the termination of employment relationships both from the employer’s and the employee`s point of view (notice of termination, termination agreements, etc.).

Moreover, I represent your interests in disputes under employment law.

Physicians and medical law

Whether joint practice, professional association, MVZ or apparatus community: I advise and accompany your projects through all stages of professional development, from advice on setting up a company, drafting articles of association and long-term support for medical cooperation to the sale of practice shares or entire practices.